Special Situations

Special Situations

ACA professionals have over two decades of experience working with companies in transition, whether they are facing impending debt maturities or liquidity challenges. Our clients span a wide range of industries and their challenges have been due to both broader economic headwinds and company specific problems.

In trying times such as these, ACA is fast-moving, acting quickly to engage with lenders, source new capital whether it be equity or debt, and potentially advise the company through a court-led restructuring or 363 sale.

Working hand-in-hand with other outside advisory teams, ACA strives to preserve value and find creative, bespoke solutions in every situation our clients face.

Services Offered:

  • Review Capital Structure
  • Negotiate Amendments with Creditors
  • Explore Strategic Alternatives
  • Chapter 11 Advisory
  • 363 Sales

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Senior Managing Director