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Special Situations

We assist businesses facing impending transitions including debt maturities and liquidity issues.

Our Approach

We don’t shy away from complex situations.

Our experts are fast-moving, acting quickly to engage with lenders, source new capital by equity or debt, and potentially advise the company through a court-led restructuring or 363 sales. Working together with other outside advisory teams, we strive to preserve value and find creative, bespoke solutions to every situation our clients face.

Our clients come from a wide range of industries and have faced difficulties brought on by both general macroeconomic challenges as well as those unique to their particular businesses.

Our Services

Revitalize Broken Processes

Capital Structure Review

Strategic Alternatives

Creditor Amendment Negotiation

Balance Sheet Restructuring

Debt & Equity Capital Markets

Buy and Sell Side Distressed M&A

Chapter 11 Advisory

363 Sales

Creditor & Creditor Committee Advisory

Board & Special Committee Advisory

Fairness & Solvency Opinions

Our Solutions

Selling a Company

Make sure you are calling the shots.

You spent a lifetime building your business. We help our clients achieve their best transaction outcome on their terms while preserving the legacy they have built.

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Buying a Company

Leave no stone unturned.

The right acquisition can propel a company forward, while the wrong one can be disastrous. With our broad network and industry know-how, we assist clients in identifying companies that fit their acquisition strategy and can take their business to the next level.

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Special Situations

Transform adversity into rebirth.

Setbacks happen, and it’s what you do next that makes all the difference. We work quickly to engage with lenders and find solutions, whether it be renegotiating existing debt terms, sourcing new equity or debt capital, or advising our client through an in or out of court-led restructuring or 363 sale.

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Capital Raising

Source the capital to achieve your business plan.

Let’s make your vision a reality. Whether our clients are seeking capital to grow their business, refinance existing obligations, or take a few chips off the table, we have them covered.

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