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Our People

Chuck Peruchini

Senior Managing Director

Chuck Peruchini

Chuck Peruchini is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura based in Chicago. Chuck is responsible for developing and leading strategic initiatives for the whole range of Ankura service offerings. He is currently advising companies and outside counsel on PFAS-related litigation, regulatory activity, transactions and solvency issues by leveraging Ankura’s deep industry knowledge and technical expertise.

More broadly, Chuck has spent most of his career working with clients to solve complex litigation problems arising in Mass Torts, Product Liability, Environmental Contamination, and Bankruptcy.

Chuck also has worked with organizations involved in large, complex, data-intensive regulatory change management projects to achieve full compliance with various Data Privacy standards.


Over the past 26 years, Chuck has co-created a unique, proprietary process for providing clients with a full spectrum of expert and advisory solutions.. This process develops strategic content, brings it to market, and fosters relationships with multiple audiences to deliver an array of advisory services. The process requires continuous renewal and innovation to bring fresh ideas to all relationships. This process enables Ankura professionals to focus outreach efforts on ideas that create multiple new business opportunities and have a quantum impact on clients’ success.

Chuck is the co-author of “Selling Professional and Financial Services Handbook: A Strategic Sales Process.”