What Sets Us Apart

We provide seamless,
end-to-end service

What Sets Us Apart

We provide seamless,
end-to-end service

As one integrated firm, Ankura and Ankura Capital Advisors provide seamless, end-to-end service. With Ankura Capital Advisors, there are no clumsy hand-offs from one professional service provider to another, and friction costs are significantly reduced during the life of a transaction.


  • We Bring the Best of the Firm to You

    Ankura transaction advisory services team:

    • Ankura Capital Advisors works hand-in-glove with the Ankura transaction advisory services team to provide a full scope of deal services. The transaction advisory services expertise is one of the core offerings in Ankura’s suite of services and comprises of approximately 50 valuation and banking professionals.

    Multidisciplinary team:

    • Our team brings significant strategic, transactional, operational, and finance experience to all engagements and have broad experience in a wide range of industries.

    Market insight:

    • Through a network of industry, private equity, and financing contacts, as well as proprietary data sources, we keep abreast of rapidly changing market environments and industry trends affecting its clients and presenting opportunities and challenges to its stakeholders.
  • We Deliver a Comprehensive Menu of Services

    Investment banking:

    • Private placements
      • Institutional debt
      • Institutional equity
    • Capital markets advisory services
    • Merger and acquisition advisory
      • Exclusive sale
      • Buy side advisory
      • Distressed asset sale
      • Recapitalizations
      • Corporate divestiture
    • Strategic partnerships
      • Joint ventures
      • Alliances
    • Loan brokering
  • We Are There for Our Clients Through Every Step of the Deal


  • We Understand How Deals Get Done

    Ankura Capital Advisors understands the critical issues and common reasons deals fail.  Our team has a seasoned and dynamic arsenal of solutions to facilitate a successful transaction.

    Critical issues:

    • Unrealistic pricing expectations
      • Historical results or projections do not support valuation
    • Negative surprises uncovered during due diligence
      • Issues uncovered regarding sales, profits, customers, employees, environmental
    • Inability of parties to agree on representations and warranties/indemnification language in purchase contract
      • Inability of buyer to finance the purchase
    • Seller often must be willing to offer some type of financing or earn-out arrangement
      • Deterioration of financial performance during the marketing process

    Ankura Capital Advisors’ solutions:

    • Comprehensive analysis of financials to determine potential synergistic benefits for strategic buyers and financial buyers
    • Thoroughly discuss expectations with management as it relates to market standard deal terms, and gain an in-depth understanding of shareholder objectives
    • Perform in-depth seller due diligence to identify problematic trends/issues, and present rationale or strategy for favorable resolution of issue
    • Require potential buyers to document proposed sources and uses well in advance of the purchase agreement, and compare to current availability in the credit markets

    We understand that successful transactions are the result of pairing the right partner with the client. Ankura Capital Advisors’ experience lends to the following characteristics of the right partner:

    • Confidence of customer
    • Financing capability
    • Transaction motivation
    • Transaction sophistication

    Ankura Capital Advisors routinely assesses deal structures and options:

    • Number of transactions completed
    • Integration success of previous transactions
    • Integration planning effort
    • Marketing
    • Financing relationships
    • Credit approval process of financing source
    • Financing structure of current operations
      • Equity available
      • Returns to equity participants
    • Deal with the decision makers who can allocate capital
    • Strong strategic fit – core business:
      • Strategic logic: component, module, system
      • Geographic reach; low cost sourcing opportunity
      • Capacity needs
      • Capable of identifying and implementing process improvements
      • Capable of bringing engineering and design improvements
      • Focused purchasing effort could generate material cost reduction
      • Customer diversification
  • We are Experts in Our Fields

    Ankura Capital Advisors’ registered investment banking representatives include Chartered Financial Analysts, Certified Public Accountants, Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisors, JDs, and PhDs.